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For a little over a year, I was documenting events that were going to be used for his other projects. It was an inspiring experience because I had been working for [Kanye] for around six months before anybody even knew that I was doing anything with him.The “Famous” video was the first thing that came out that people were like, "Oh, shit! ” I remember we were finishing up the video right before the premier.This is gonna be packed in an hour and everyone’s going to watch this video.” That was a surreal moment. I feel like I just went to school with Kanye and now I'm like, “How do I take everything I've learned and start developing my own mood board?” I hope that I'm always learning and developing myself.After Kanye approved them, they added some of it in the documentary.I shot Travis testing Kanye’s [floating] stage for his Saint Pablo Tour, Travis gifting Kanye a watch, and Travis in the crowd at the Saint Pablo shows.

You posted an amazing video on your Instagram of Quavo riding a horse. " [laughs] And they're like, "Yeah, I guess.” He got on it and he was a natural. So I sent them a little reel of different shots that I had.“I realized it was something that I was passionate about,” says Ross, who declined to give his age. “I knew I wanted to do something more creative,” he says. Since then, Ross has contributed to West’s “Famous” visuals, and shot behind the scenes footage of the rapper’s Saint Pablo Tour and the making of Yeezy Season 3 to Season 5.After graduating from college with a marketing degree, turning down an office job at a tobacco company, and a short stint as a garbage man, he booked a flight to L. He slept in hostels on Fairfax Avenue and on friends’ couches, and made connections and assisted anyone who needed help shooting or editing videos. He also edited the five-minute video montage West wound up giving Kim Kardashian on her 36th birthday, as well as Drake and 21 Savage’s “Sneakin’” and Future’s “Use Me” and “My Collection” music videos.I want you to edit them.” I would go to his office and edit those videos with him. I hope that I'm always hungry to figure out the next thing or inspired to feel the need to always be creating something. I also edited the FKA Twigs mini-doc, , and Freddie Gibbs’ “Pronto” video.

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