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I didn't, initially, but then I realized that I felt resentful because I was giving more than I got, so I asked if we could have an equal arrangement, where my help with his business would translate to equal time from him helping me fix my house.

There are many examples of "False Promises" in dating. if you go to the restaurant they want tonight, then they promise to go to the one you want next time - which never happens). if you give your lover one more chance, he/she promises to stop drinking, cheating, etc.).So, you should be able to go to YOUR restaurant "this time", and they can take "next time".Similarly, they won't mind being forgiven AFTER they are sober or faithful for a defined period of time.How do we know when asking for something in return is appropriate? Your ex was playing a number of manipulative dating games. For now, here are a few points: 1) If your partner cares about you, then he/she will be grateful for what you do and want to do nice things for you in return. Essentially, you shouldn't have to "twist their arm" to help you back.After all, aren't we supposed to do things for our partners out of love rather than wanting something back? Your partner should be eager to return the favor and balance the relationship. 2) You should never be made to feel guilty about what you want or need. Sure, nobody can get "everything" they want, but it is always okay to ask.

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