Pisces male leo female dating

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It might take a little time at first to find it, but I believe that you can.One moment this woman can be annoyingly regal and the next intensely loyal. Give her many inches, but don't let her have a mile.The psychology of narcissism fascinates me just as much as the ancient science of astrology.I’ve combined the two to give you a dose of “Astro-therapy.” Yassss readers!How do you go about this seemingly impossible task? Wine and dine this woman at the nicest restaurants in town.Show her that you have good taste by dressing well and having a clean appearance.

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If he can possess enough self-confidence to grant her wishes while still maintaining his role as the man in the relationship, it will be a win. If she finds out that he is keeping something from her, she will go into a fiery rage. She loves tropical scented candles, music, and isn't one for a light and casual hook up.

She is not flirty with other men once she finds her prince charming.

She will not appreciate her man winking at another woman, and will seduce him away from her if she feels a threat.

He will love her happy go-lucky and warm personality, but will show her his icy side if she tries to pry out all of his secrets or inflicts on the times he needs to be alone.

Remember though Leo, this man is gentle and will enjoy treating you like a queen.

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