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“Dating coaching isn’t just about behavior, it’s also about perception,” according to her website.With upfront advice and image consulting, Patti prods people into presenting themselves in the best possible light so that any date will be instantly impressed.Being single means you may often find yourself on yet another bad date, stirring your drink listlessly as the person across from you either talks incessantly about nothing or sits in a similar state of frustrated silence.Especially with all the choices offered by so many dating websites, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or burned out.Her experienced and authentic manner competently directs her clients to improve their communication, body language, and appearance.Dubbed “America’s Dating Coach,” Patti takes a direct approach to dating coaching and honestly tells her clients what they can do to succeed in today’s complex dating environment.Over the past two decades, she’s seen every problem under the sun and knows how to tackle it effectively.From online profiles to first-dates strategies, she confidently coaches singles and gets their love lives back on track.

General matchmaking is usually coupled with some coaching services as well.

Patti is “America’s Dating Coach,” offering dating coaching, Internet profile management, and even some matchmaking for particular clients.

Her goal is to give honest, unflinching advice to individuals and help them pinpoint their dating flaws so that they may find romantic success in the future.

She built her dating empire in 2002, using her expertise to motivate and advise single men and women.

“I didn’t know I was a dating coach, at the time,” she recalled.

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