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By maintaining the approach of apologies and forgiveness builds further trust.Later in the relationship, you can ask yourself if this is the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with.This is the stage where a man pursues the woman and decides if he wants to bond with her.After they have bonded and have moved to the Exclusive stage, then the woman can begin to share some of the expenses and doing little things for him.Lately, during the in-between time of riding the subway, I've been reading one of John Gray's Mars/Venus series of relationship books: Mars and Venus on a Date. which is not at all the same as saying I did it right or well. There aren't shortcuts and it's actually destructive to jump ahead, commit too early or try too hard. It's only a template, but still, my actions fit on it as do Traci's reactions.It was on the reading shelf in my apartment's laundry room. As I hopefully made clear to the anonymous whoever-it-is who's followed me on-line and called me crazy whenever I mention Traci, my experience with her serves as a point of reference. It's a neat explanation for why everything I felt so strongly I was doing drove Traci further away from me, ie, the Shane Falco quicksand metaphor.Our 'collegiality' did us in against ROTC opponents who played dirty politics and rabble-roused without conscience.

When they feel their dating partner has the potential to be a mate they are then ready to move onto stage three. EXCLUSIVITY: John Gray says that about the third date men usually decide he wants to be exclusive.Do I care for her and do I miss her when I am away from her? If the answers to these questions are affirmative then they are ready to move into the next stage where the couple temporarily stop dating others, and start focusing attention on each other.During this stage while a woman waits she asks: Where is the relationship going? This is the time to experiment with this one person and to give this relationship a chance and dig for the gold.The more intimacy a man feels for a woman the more he needs to periodically pull away and be alone.This in and out urge is in all men and connected to high levels of testosterone. It is important that the woman doesn't chase after him but allows him space.

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