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Schultz, who was born two years before women had the right to vote, marked her absentee ballot for the first female president, Hillary Clinton.” That’s how it started — with a brief Facebook post in October of a 96-year-old Maryland woman holding her absentee ballot and flashing a big smile. For the website’s prime collaborators, Sarah Bunin Benor — the granddaughter of Schultz who made the initial Facebook post at the request of her mother, Roberta Benor — and Tom Fields-Meyer, it was time to get past the initial shock and sting of Clinton’s loss and circle back to the women they featured for advice.

Before long, there was a website,, dedicated to hopeful female Clinton supporters who were born before Aug. The results were independently published last month in a book called “We the Resilient: Wisdom for America from Women Born Before Suffrage.” “I didn’t realize when I posted it how intense it would be, how it would really change my life for six months,” said Bunin Benor, 42, an associate professor of contemporary Jewish studies at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion in Los Angeles.

Dershowitz observed that Yates made a mistake and made “a political decision rather than a legal one.” I would argue she made an emotional decision, rather than a rational one. US District Judge James Robart in Seattle heard the case and ruled to suspend the executive order.

Then, the administration challenged Robart’s ruling. Yesterday, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit upheld Robart’s decision.

Whether or not one agrees with the outcome, the US legal system functioned exactly as they are expected.

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Their responses, as well as pictures of their current and younger selves, are featured in the book, whose title was inspired by artwork designed by Los Angeles artist Ernesto Yerena for a protest campaign called We the People. Senator Barbara Boxer wrote the book’s foreword.“When I graduated from Florida State College for Women, I applied and was accepted to the Duke University School of Medicine,” wrote Katherine Blood Hoffman, 102, of Tallahassee, Fla.

“I’m rather proud,” Rose Kaufman, 103, of Santa Monica, told the Journal.

“I’ve seen a lot and I’ve been active with the League of Women Voters, among other things. In other words, we can’t give up.” In the last two weeks or so, I have read a great deal of statements made by Jewish organizations and rabbis dealing with our immigration policy and the merits of compassion, protest and defiance.

Is no rational conversation about immigration and safety possible?

One that acknowledges the fears and merits of immigration.

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