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Luckily, Murphy has the perfect justification for their comeback; It was David Bowie who encouraged them to re-form.

There will be those who remain dismayed by the band’s return a mere five years after such a deliberate full stop, but isn’t weighed down by expectations, nor is it an attempt to assuage anyone who feels betrayed.

With every song having such a similar sonic pallet some of the tracks get lost, exposing some of Khan’s weaker songwriting.

There are a few moments where it works, notably “Short of Breath,” but for most of the songs do not seem to warrant a relisten. The second in an apparent trilogy of EPs, it continues the thread of new NIN really rather nicely and proves Trent Reznor (with often collaborator Atticus Ross) still have plenty left in the tank.

Musically, there’s nothing here that’s too out of left field for hardened fans.

In the four years between they had an opening slot on Taylor Swift’s “1989 World Tour” and a Best New Artist Grammy nomination making them well known the world. With the exception of “Hard To Say Goodbye” the music is dull and does nothing for the video visuals, which in turn don’t quite say anything new about Washed Out either.It is certainly a big step forward and Waxahatchee’s best work to date.4.5 of 5 stars continues to build on the ground the set up over a trio of four-song EPs released annually since 2014.4 of 5 stars , one of their most overtly poppy albums, in full.On returning, drummer/vocalist Atsuo, guitarist/vocalist Wata, and bassist/vocalist Takeshi wrote more songs and whittled the entire pool down to this single record.

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