Dating someone in a fraternity

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Therefore, you get to reap the benefits and really get to know a fraternity you probably didn’t have a second thought about when you first joined. And how many times you tell him that no, he cannot surf down the stairs on the couch and it doesn’t matter how much cushion is on it, you want your security deposit back and your boyfriend alive. Being the main person people think of when they think of a fraternity is a high honor, and a major confidence boost. He has such a tight relationship with his bros, that it just screams brotherhood. You never catch him without either a rush shirt or his letters on. Which is admittedly kind of cute, but you still wish he’d wear your crush tank at least once. Meaning that if given a challenge, he most certainly will do it no matter how reckless it is.When it comes to fraternity boyfriends, you don’t just date the guy; you date the entire fraternity.Her Campus took a look into the experiences of fraternity girlfriends to dish out the struggles and successes of dating a guy who’s gone Greek. It’s like their own personal version of the Bachelorette! You know how to get into the frat house without a key. They'll vote for you because you'll make them cookies for meeting, bring them booze when they run out, and because you love all of them. Making his other brothers jealous of your masterpiece. You’ve been running a campaign for sweetheart, pledge mom, and unofficial house mom for months.

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Thankfully, Retail Me Not has come through with some stats that will let you know if you’re cheap af or doing things right.

Pro: Guy-friends galore Elon University senior Katie Hatcher learned early on that being a fraternity girlfriend meant more than dealing with her beau’s penchant for bowties.

She met her former boyfriend of two-and-a-half years during freshman orientation, and when he accepted a bid from a fraternity the next fall, Hatcher quickly realized her boyfriend’s brotherhood would become hers as well.

You better still be invited to the next Spring formal.

Even when you’re alumna from your sorority, you’re always coming back and visiting.

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