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The Frog brothers run the local comic book store for their burn-out parents.Upon learning that Sam is new to the area they force a couple of vampire themed comic books on him despite his protestation that he does not like horror comics.That night, while their mother Lucy Emerson is on a date with Max and their grandfather is away, the teens barricade their house and prepare for the gang's assault.

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With the rest of the gang woken by the commotion the three boys retreat, with Sam narrowly escaping capture by David.Lucy is horrified, but Max threatens to kill Sam unless she joins him.As Max is about to bite Lucy's neck, her father crashes his jeep through the wall of the house; the vehicle's hood is piled up with large fence posts, and one of them impales Max, killing him.One day, as Sam is taking a bath, Michael, driven by bloodlust attempts to attack him, but is fought off by the family's dog.Afterwards Sam becomes convinced that Michael is a vampire when Michael is seen to be partly transparent in a mirror and soon afterwards begins uncontrollably floating around the house.

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