Cute one year dating anniversary ideas

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As a slightly nerdy short girl with braces and glasses, I lived vicariously through my lithe, blonde Barbie doll, even knowing she was completely fake.

And so it’s surprising, even to me, that I’ve never dressed up in a Barbie costume for Halloween. After seeing these unique DIY Barbie costumes, I just might.

To really make the look work, create half of a Barbie box as a "headpiece." Source: Instagram A lot of couples like to dress up as Barbie and Ken, so it can quickly become a cliche and boring idea... These are "middle-aged" dolls because older people dressed up in them, but you can do this at any age! Source If you looked at the other Barbie and Ken costumes and thought, "Okay, that is way too much work for one day of costume-wearing," I get it - try this one instead.

You can wear any tight, simple dress with heels, and your BF can wear any button down with shorts and a belt, with a little scarf around his neck.

You can find a lot of Barbie shirts like that one, or make your own by silk-screening.

Add black capris (or rolled up jeans), black heels, pearls, retro cat eye sunglasses, and a high ponytail with a rolled bang in front.

All you need is a pink one pice or unitard - you can silk screen or iron on the Barbie letters - black lights, leg warmers, arm warmers, and a headband.

Add heels if you're up for it (as Barbie would do) and a high ponytail or braid. Source: Instagram The 50th anniversary Barbie is definitely the most glam Barbie ever - so why not channel that for Halloween?

You don’t have to wear all pink and plop a blonde wig on your head!

You don't need to do the exact same thing to pull it off - you can use any retro-looking bikini or bathing suit.

Add pink fishnets, a little capped sweater, heels, and some seriously high hair.

You can find a vintage looking black dress like this at a thrift shop or online for a relatively inexpensive price.

You'll need heels, long black gloves, some fake diamond jewelry, and lots of curls.

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