Bernstein dating josh truth

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(2005) One of the weakest years for movies in recent history also gives us the worst film to ever win Best Picture.

When Brendan Fraser and Ludacris steal the show, you know there’s a problem.

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Cast: Adhir Kalyan, Katie Walder, Noureen De Wulf, Nina Wadia, Bernard White, Isabella Day, Callan Farris Team: W/EP Vijal Patel ( Logline: Over the course of Max (Jono Kenyon) and Page's (Jerrika Hinton) wedding rehearsal dinner, their eclectic family and friends give toasts recalling anecdotes about the couple — but flashbacks reveal the toasts don't always get it right, as the comedy explores the real story of their complicated, funny and relatable road to marriage.

(1932) The first (and to this date, only) movie to have won Best Picture without a nomination in any other category, which is odd considering the film’s all-star cast of Greta Garbo, Joan Crawford, and John Barrymore.

It’s been called the original (1930) This film’s anti-war message was so compelling that the Nazis banned it from being shown in Germany in the 1930s.

If it hadn’t been any good, Hitler wouldn’t have bothered trying to censor it.

Up Against: (2001) This film’s inaccurate presentation of John Nash’s life is tough to look past, but not as tough as knowing yet another Robert Altman film was denied an Oscar.

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